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Honey powder is obtained from natural honey that has been spray dried into a beautiful, light tan powder. And it is then blended with maltodextrin to keep it free-flowing. Honey powder is more similar in texture to corn flour. It is a desiccated form of natural honey, and usually comprises less than 2% of the standard liquid content of the traditional one. Since it is desiccated, this honey powder has a much longer shelf life and is more versatile for adding in different recipes. 


Organic honey powder is an alternative to liquid honey with specific advantages in terms of handling, processing, and new application possibilities. It contains no anti-sticking agent, food color or any added essence

Usage & Benefits

  • Widely used in the food industry, health products, and pharmaceutical fields. 
  • Enhances intensifies and compliments other ingredient flavorings.
  • Organic Honey powder is a slightly yellow solid powder, with a unique honey aroma and taste. 

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