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Jojoba Oil is natural triglyceride oil obtained from cold pressing the seeds of the Jojoba Plant using cold-pressed method and expeller-pressed extraction. Most of the cosmetics that you use regularly include jojoba oil as its common ingredient. Jojoba oil builds a barrier on your skin which helps inhibit loss of moisture from your skin and also defends from aggression by pollutants and toxins invading your skin pores. Therefore, using jojoba oil help you in keeping your skin moisturized and prevent dry and patchy scales. Organic Jojoba oil helps balance out our natural sebum oils and is perfect for oily skin or those that are likely to blemishes. Jojoba oil is full of plant sterols (plant fats) and holds diverse nourishing nutrients, which make it incredibly beneficial for the skin and hair.  


Our In-house Quality Control Laboratory has experienced professionals to perform a complete and thorough product analysis of all of our vegetable oils. Our Vegetable Oils comes in a variety of packaging options, according to the requirements of our clients.

Usage & Benefits

  • Supports Healthy Aging    
  • Soothes Dry Skin
  • Promote Hair Health
  • Helps control dandruff
  • Acts as a Makeup Remover
  • Helpful as a Lip Balm

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