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Sesame plant is a flowering plant it belongs to the Pedaliaceae family. Our sesame seeds are loaded with beneficial minerals have a calcium-rich hull, which we leave whole. This seed has been called the ideal survivor crop, with the capability to grow at the end of deserts. Sesame seed has one of the eminent oil contents of any seed. It holds a rich nutty flavor, and are rich in omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and protein. Make your healthy, fresh tahini with our raw unhulled sesame seeds and boost your health. Sesame seeds have cholesterol-lowering effects via two essential types of lignan fibers called sesamin and sesamolin. Help to lower the cholesterol level, results in weight loss, and prevents liver.

Usage & Benefits

  • Good Source of Fiber
  • May Support Healthy Bones
  • Good Source of B Vitamins
  • Promotes cholesterol

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