Fair Trade

All our products are organically grown in India using ethical and environment-friendly farming practices.

Grown in organic Certified Small And Medium Sized Farms In India

Whether it's the highly potent herbs or the wonderful superfoods, everything is sourced from our certified organic farms.

Safe Sustainable and Efficient Farming Practices

At Organic Veda, we work with hundreds of hardworking and trusted farmers - who share our vision for using environmentally friendly farming prac ti ces , adhering to organic principles and respecting the local ecological ethics - to produce superior organic products.

Playing It Fair

Our Fair Trade policies help farmers and workers gain access to capital, set fair values for their products, and make liberal decisions about how to best improve their business, their community, and their product.

Meeting All Organic Standards

As a 100% USDA organic and EU organic certified company, we strive to produce our ingredients by keeping in mind all the organic standards to help with green and healthier future. These steps can help enrich the soil structure and uplift the biodiversity of the farmland, thereby increasing productivity.