Private Labelling


AGF offers premium quality botanicals to businesses worldwide and our private labeling works with proven formulations to give the perfect edge to your business.

Private label gives you the advantage of focus on branding while selling proven stock products. With AGF, you can choose from a wide range of pre-existing, proven formulas and sell the products under your brand name with your own logo. AGF takes care of everything related to product development and manufacturing, so you can enjoy high-profit margins, low start-up costs, and low risk.

You do not need to invest in research & development, as AGF have already developed and tested all products. With a wide range of products, you just need to pick and choose to have the best combination for your business. Buy the products at wholesale prices and sell at premium rates to your customers, thus enjoy high-profit margins for the brand you have created.

Our dedicated team works with you on your private label product at every step. Whether it is about choosing the perfect formulation and packaging or it is about label designing, we are available 24/7 to serve every requirement of our clients.


Here at AGF, our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make your business successful, starting from producing the best product to establish your brand in the market. With over 200 proven stock products and a creative marketing team to handle the marketing of products that you choose, we always thrive on putting you ahead of your competitors in the market. With AGF, you get the winning combination of cost savings and cost benefits of a low-risk start-up, thus always putting you in a win=win situation.

With a fully dedicated team to work on every aspect of your branding, we work in unison with you to develop the products you want to sell and make them uniquely yours with your own private label. We guide you from beginning to end throughout the whole creative process to make sure that there will be no stone unturned when it comes to the branding of your business.


At AGF, our motive is to provide complete dedicated services to our clients and collaborate with companies to deliver the most innovative solutions and premium quality products. We always believe in providing the right success formula to businesses. Whether you are a supplier with an established brand or you are a start-up company, we always offer you the creative flexibility that your business needs. So, you can go with our successful stock formulas or you can just tell us your specifications and we will create a custom formula for you. It’s that simple.


AGF turns your dreams of seeing your own brand on your own products into a reality. Depending on your budget and specifications, we offer various options for organic or partial organic or natural items. Being a USDA-certified organic company for many years, we are committed to providing the best value products to our clients. For a brand to be USDA, EU organic certified, your products need to meet certain guidelines like usage of only organic materials, avoiding synthetic chemicals, and a detailed production record. With our partnership, your products will never be going to fail the organic certification as we offer 100% reliable organic certified products.


To bring you the most creative and well-defined solutions, our team works around the clock and always exceeds expectations. We know how turning a concept into a winning product is no cakewalk, so we always have the best in-house talent in the industry. So, you give us the concept, and we will do all the stuff, handle every step and convert your concept into a physical product, making it shelf-ready.


  • Product Art Work Designing
  • Customized product formulation and development
  • Procurement of Packaging Material

We do all this stuff so you can focus on other crucial tasks of your business. That’s the type of collaboration we have with our clients.


We believe that packaging is a key aspect of private labeling, and a great deal of attention of required to packaging as this gives your brand an edge over other competitors. With a wide variety of packaging options, we ensure that you can have the type of packaging according to your choice and specifications. Our packaging options include stand up pouches, canisters, pet bottles, hdpe bottles and many more.


At AGF, you can find the kind of products range that is not accessible elsewhere. We produce supplements, Ayurveda herbs, superfoods & fruits, skin, beauty & hair care products. We are a one-stop solution for all your requirements, be it natural, organic, non-GMO or just plain single ingredient product.


Our state-of- the art designing team is always at your service to develop product design artwork. Our experienced in-house team of designers helps you to create your own unique label and brand. With our dedicated, in-house art department – AGF Organics can take your design from concept to completion.


White label is a service under which we provide unlabelled products to the companies and then they label the products themselves. Usually, this is a preference of start-up companies who are looking to make a foothold in their segment, so they move ahead with a smaller quantity.


When you need a private labeling quote from us, please mention the required details like the products, the sizes, the volume, and the type of packaging you want. We will get back to you with a customized quotation that will fit within your business needs.