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Brahmi/Bacopa is an excellent rejuvenating herb for the mind and nervous system. It is often known as the legendary "Brahmi" of the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Brahmi is revered explicitly as the 'universal consciousness.' Brahmi is a derivation of the name Brahman which implies "energy of universal consciousness." This fantastic herb is worth its name that has been used for centuries to help promote memory, intelligence, and concentration. Bacosides compound in Bacopa is highly helpful in maintaining the healthy functions of the brain and nerves, helps strengthening the balance to the nervous system while helps to promote clarity, focus, cognitive, awareness, and stress-relieving properties. Another noted benefit of Bacopa is its ability to help reduce agitated in those with excessive levels and who are temporarily out-of-balance. The primary component Bacosides of Bacopa Extract can help enhance the transmission of impulses in the brain. Improving the rate of transfer of impulses on the brain synapses will help in better memory formation and recall.

Usage & Benefits


  • Support mental clarity, focus, and memory,
  • Support the nervous system
  • Helps to promote healthy aging
  • Helps to enhance hair growth

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