Bacopa Powder

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Bacopa, frequently referred to as "Brahmi," recognizes as a sattvic herb in Ayurveda, commonly used to enhance clarity of consciousness and support meditation practice. Bacopa monnieri powder is considered an excellent memory booster.  Bacopa powder helps reduce your stress by improving the cognition. The primary component in Bacopa called Hersaponins is very effective in providing relaxation to your body, which in turn helps promote better sleep, thereby helps alleviate the symptoms of misery.  

Usage & Benefits


  • Helps improve the natural response to anxiety disorder
  • Helps balance the fight-or-flight response to stress
  • Helps balance neural excitation, increases focus
  • Help prevent a hormonal imbalance
  • Helpful as a potent aphrodisiac 
  • Helps to boost brain power and memory