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Hibiscus or Roselle is a tropical shrub with bright colored flowers. The flowers are found in various colors including red, purple, yellow, pink and white. It grows primarily in south-east Asia. In Ayurveda, the Hibiscus flower or Japa Pushpa is dried, powdered and used for restoring multiple ailments. This flower not only looks beautiful outside, but it also has a whole lot of goodness inside that can provide you with immense health benefits. And it is exceptionally beneficial in multiple forms with the applications of the flower, fruit, and seeds ranging far and wide. The most prominent use of Hibiscus sabdariffa in modern times is to make tea.

Usage & Benefits

  • Helps to cleanse your Skin 
  • Helps to Fade Blemishes 
  • Aids to control Oil Production 
  • Powerful antioxidant and sunburn soother
  • Aids to control Oil Production 
  • Helps to Fade Blemishes 
  • Helps to cleanse your Skin


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